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The museum is now closed until April 1st 2015. We are taking this opportunity to do some long-needed maintenance on the site. Most of the links at left are therefore no longer operational. It is expected that this site will be up and running in it's new form in late March 2015.

The AMERICA-GOLD BEACH museum is situated in the centre of Ver sur Mer, next door to the town hall. It commemorates two momentous 20th century events that took place her in Ver sur Mer.

In 1927, the first mail-carrying flight from the USA to Europe crash-landed in the sea off Ver sur Mer. The aircraft, piloted by Commander Robert BYRD, was called the AMERICA.

On 6th June 1944, elements of the British 50th Infantry division and supporting armour landed here, as part of operation OVERLORD, on the beach known since that day as GOLD BEACH.


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